How To Become a Data Scientist? Part 2

So, I hope some intuition about data scientist. Let us talk about how you can become a successful data scientist. Today, I will be talking about three things to begin in a data science career track which are Education, technical skills and Communication.

Education: What I mean by education is that a person should have at least a bachelors degree in any field. If you have done a master or PhD that is like icing on the cake. The demand of data scientist is in all sectors such as finance, insurance, health, e-commerce and list goes on. Now, you should be proficient at least on one domain. To take the career to next level technical skills is a must now.

Technical: Company is looking for the candidates, who is enthusiasts to learn the new skills. Since technology keeps changing year by year, for example, we are moving from the Era of Information to the Era of AI. Candidates who have the right skills of the programming language in python, java, scale and also knowledge of the concept of Hadoop, spark are more likely to succeed in this field. A data scientist is not just knowing the skills but also interpret those findings. Today, there are a lot of online courses, youtube videos available , where you can learn and also try to join the data science group in any social media.

Communication: Data Scientist track required to present the insights of data to business stakeholders in an effective way. So, what about if you have a different accent, it does not matter until and unless you demonstrate your findings which contribute to the company’s goals and values. In order to build communication skills you should be confident what you doing, always embrace the feedback and open for exploring new ideas.

Now, you might have understood that how data scientist is related to chef or food scientist. Start preparing your recipe from the data given, which could turn out for a delicious cusine.

This is the slight introduction to the data science and in the next part, I will be talking about how to actually land a job in data scientist field.